Age Chart For Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Club X Soccer Traveling Select - Tryouts required for every player.

9U - Born in 2008

10U - Born in 2007

11U - Born in 2006

12U - Born in 2005

13U - Born in 2004

14U - Born in 2003

15U - Born in 2002

16U - Born in 2001

17U - Born in 2000

18U - Born in 1999

19U - Born in 1998


During the fall 2016 and spring 2017 seasons individuals born after December 31, 2008 are not allowed to be a member of a MVYSA member team. 


9U-10U teams will play 7v7, 11U-12U will play 9v9, 13U-19U will play 11v11, mvysa will not offer 8U divisions. Players who fall into the 8U category can play for the Club X X-Academy program. 


MVYSA will permit a 9U player to play on a team whose oldest player is 10U but not older. Any player older than a 9U can 'play up' as much as the parents and coaches feel is in the best interest of the player (ie a 10U could 'play up' on a 11U or 12U team). No player may 'play down' (ie a 14U may not play on a 13U team).


X Academy (no travel) - No tryouts required. For FALL 2016 AGES.

4U - Born in 2013

5U - Born in 2012

6U - Born in 2011

7U - Born in 2010

8U - Born in 2009

9U - Born in 2008